s155 Virtual Meeting

Proxy Form – SIHPL Market Purchase Claimants and Contractual Claimants

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding the voting process and the appointment of proxies under the Section 155 Proposal:

  1. Proxy Forms must be submitted to the Claims Administrator at [email protected] by no later than 23:59:59 SAST on 01 September 2021 (being 96 hours prior to the Meeting).
  2. Login credentials will only be provided to those persons who are registered to attend and vote at the Meeting (whether on their own behalf or as appointed proxy). This means that if you appoint a proxy, you will not receive login credentials, however you will be able to observe the meeting by clicking on the link to the live webcast below.
  3. The voting proxy may be revoked prior to the Meeting, in which event the claimant in question should follow the process set out in the 'IMPORTANT NOTES' section of the proxy form.
  4. Submitting a proxy does not preclude the claimant in question from instead attending the Meeting and voting on the Section 155 Proposal personally. Please see the 'IMPORTANT NOTES' section of the proxy form for more information in this regard.


WEBCAST: Persons other than Verified Scheme Creditors (or their proxies) will be able to observe the Meetings via a live webcast by clicking the applicable link below and, when prompted to do so, selecting 'I am a Guest'. Certain browsers may ask for a 'Meeting ID', in which case please enter the applicable Meeting ID below. The Meetings are scheduled to commence at 10:00 SAST on 6 September 2021.


Link to live webcast of the Meeting of the Financial Creditors (10:00 SAST):  https://web.lumiagm.com/guest#/107992348MEETING

Meeting ID: 107-992-348


Link to live webcast of the Meeting of the Contractual Claimants (11:00 SAST):  https://web.lumiagm.com/guest#/102443103

Meeting ID: 102-443-103


Link to live webcast of the Meeting of the SIHPL Market Purchase Claimants (13:00 SAST): https://web.lumiagm.com/guest#/182061884

Meeting ID: 182-061-884