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Steinhoff wishes to finally resolve as many claims as possible that arise from its legacy accounting issues announced in December 2017. It is essential for the future of the Steinhoff group that these claims are settled. This is why Steinhoff is proposing the Steinhoff Group Settlement. The settlement does not constitute an admission of liability by any member of the Steinhoff group, or its directors, officers or employees. 


The Steinhoff Group Settlement will be implemented through two different schemes: suspension of payment proceedings in the Netherlands for Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. and Section 155 proceedings in South Africa for Steinhoff International Holdings Proprietary Limited. The Steinhoff Group Settlement is subject to both schemes becoming effective.

For further details on the operation of both schemes and the Steinhoff Group Settlement, please refer to the respective scheme Proposals on the Case Documents tab of this website.


If you are an eligible claimant and wish to receive compensation, you must promptly file your claim. If you do not have a representative that will submit your claim on your behalf, you can do so yourself by completing and submitting a claim form with the required documentation via the File Claim tab on this website. If you have a claim that meets the pre-verification requirements for voting purposes, you will be entitled to participate in and vote at the creditor meeting in South Africa and/or the voting hearing in the Netherlands. Please see the Settlement Frequently Asked Questions for more information in this respect. 

You may be eligible to receive compensation if:

The calculation of the compensation is based on the date Steinhoff shares were purchased (and sold). For more details about the methodology and calculations behind the compensation payments, please refer to the Allocation Plan (you can find this in the Case Documents tab on this website) and the Steinhoff Allocation Plan Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that the compensation is payable subject to certain conditions and in consideration for certain releases and waivers. Please read the Proposals in full to make sure that you understand all conditions of the Steinhoff Group Settlement.

For further information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions portion of this website.

Further information

We strongly recommend that you read Steinhoff’s recent press releases and the Proposals in their entirety for a full understanding of your position. The press releases can be found on the Updates and Press Releases tab of this website.